Dr. Adrian D. Thurston
thurston -{@}- complang.org


I am a software researcher/developer at a Canadian network security firm. We perform Continuous Monitoring as a Service.

My professional interests include software development tools, parsing technology, source code analysis and network protocol analysis.

My past affiliations include the University of Waterloo and Queen's University at Kingston. At Queen's I studied under Dr. James R. Cordy.

I live in Cambridge, ON, Canada.

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  • Colm. COmputer Language Manipulation. A programming language for the analysis and transformation of computer languages. Colm is the result of my Ph.D. research.
  • Ragel. Ragel is a development tool that compiles regular language grammars into executable code. Ragel targets C, C++, Objective-C, D, Java and Ruby. It is unique in that it allows you to embed actions and control non-determinism in regular languages. Use it to build very fast parsers.

Last changed: Aug 10, 2014